Water Feature


The sight of water is calming, and it provides a good retreat from a hectic day. Since you can’t always go on a trip to see beautiful water features every time you feel like it, you can certainly get the next best thing—install a water feature in your own backyard!

What You Get by Choosing Lavender Landscaping Works?

Lavender Landscaping Works provide you with the water feature that would provide you the best relaxing point in your very own home. The sight and sounds of the water swirling and splashing will certainly calm down your tired muscles. We provide the following water features:
❖ Fountains
❖ Illumination
❖ Ponds
❖ Waterfalls
No matter which water feature and the type of system (automatic, semi-automatic or others) you choose you can rest assured that it will be installed with the utmost care. We skillfully manage all steps of the design and installation, from the surveying of the site, planning the concepts, and calculating the water need, to the exact cost of the equipment required.